Combination Learning

There are always a few students able to excel in one or more subjects, and some educational systems have learned it is best not to hold them back. Rather than being stifled in a class where they have already mastered a particular subject, there are now systems where their gifts are recognized. Putting them in classes that challenge their abilities helps them get a better education. There are some systems where students take many classes with their normal age group, and then they are transported to a local college or university for advanced lessons in subjects where they are far beyond their peer group.

Many are the names children have used as labels for their peers who excel, yet modern educational practices have taken some of the sting out of these names. Examples of people able to learn a particular subject have been illustrated by giants in some industries, and being able to enjoy the privilege of learning at another institution instead of being stuck in a normal class have all helped. Students with brains today are not labelled negatively as often by their peers.

Students gifted in mathematics are often given the opportunity to excel, and they are the lucky ones. An educational system able to recognize and forward their gifts often allows them the opportunity to earn a partial degree by the time they finish their regular schooling. It can get them through advanced education in fewer years, and they have the opportunity to interact with others at their own level of learning.

Not all educational systems are able to promote gifted students, but they often allow teachers to purchase advanced textbooks and help their students learn. Some universities and colleges today offer online classes for those certified by their school system, so travel and expenses are lower for these gifted students eager to learn more.