What is The Track System?

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Knowledge At Your Finger Tips

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Electronics in the Classroom

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Educating Through Apprenticeships

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Combination Learning

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There are many ways to transfer knowledge between people, and many different systems of education have been tried throughout the years. When reading was not a widely taught subject, rote memorization and apprenticeships were two of the most common ways children were taught by their parents or a professional. Governments began a systematic policy of educating the young to read, write and do simple mathematics decades ago. They placed as many children as possible into classrooms, and they tested them to ensure they learned the subject matter adequately. This was a standard system until societies realized some children were falling through the cracks of the educational system.

Modern teaching techniques vary widely throughout the world today, and a combination of old techniques and new ones have been enlisted to educate the young. Children in some areas are taught using nothing more than a teacher lecture, and others might not be able to imagine learning unless they had their electronic tablet with them.