What is The Track System?

Decades ago, many school districts used the track system to divide their students into learning groups. This system was efficient in many ways because it allowed students with similar academic abilities to be grouped according to their overall level of achievement, but there were issues with it. One of the problems with this type of assignment was that it did not take into account any special issues of students, and those who might be gifted in one area were held back due to their lack of progress in others.

The track system was eventually dropped by many districts because they realized that a one size fits all mentality did not serve their students well, but it is being used sparingly in some districts on a limited basis. Children are now tested in different subjects, and they are assigned to a track level with their peers who have the same academic ability in that class. Rather than grouping students by their overall performance, each subject is treated separately to help students get the individualized learning they need for the best results.